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What part of “No New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure” do our Leaders not understand?

* Now is the time for a 100% Renewable Energy Policy *
Several important events occurred this last week…
1) The People’s March for Climate Action occurred on Sunday, September 21, 2014.  Over 400,000 people attended the largest march in history on climate change in New York City with 2,646 events occurring also in 162 countries.
2) A new study confirmed what several previous studies have also shown, that Natural Gas is a bridge to nowhere and not a  Climate Change solution.
The second edition of the Climate Vulnerability Monitor, published on September 26, 2012, should have been the splash of cold water we desperately needed to awaken us from our climate change complacency.  Two years later we find that was not the case, however.  Commissioned by the world’s most vulnerable countries and backed by high-level and technical panels, the 2012 Climate Vulnerability Monitor estimated human and economic impacts of climate change and the carbon economy for 184 countries in 2010 and 2030, across 34 indicators.
The Climate Vulnerability Monitor 2nd edition provided a reassessment of the human and economic costs of the climate crisis. The reassessment was based on a wealth of the latest research and scientific work on climate change and the carbon economy, research that is assimilated as a part of the report.  THE MAIN FINDING OF THIS REPORT WAS THAT CLIMATE CHANGE HAS ALREADY HELD BACK GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT: IT IS ALREADY A SIGNIFICANT COST TO THE WORLD ECONOMY, WHILE INACTION ON CLIMATE CHANGE CAN BE CONSIDERED A LEADING GLOBAL CAUSE OF DEATH.  Harm is most acute for poor and vulnerable groups but no country is spared either the costs of inaction or the benefits of an alternative path.
Link to an Executive Summary of the 2012 report here:
2nd Edition Climate Vulnerability Monitor Executive and Technical Summary
Two years later the reports keep coming in confirming what we already know to be the case…
Anastasia Pantsios | September 25, 2014
A study published today in the journal Environmental Research Letters found that switching from coal to natural gas would not significantly lower the greenhouse gas emissions that drive climate change…. [Emphasis added]
(Read entire article, link to study at link above.)
A power packed 3 minutes…
Leonardo DiCaprio’s opening remarks at the 2014 United Nations Climate Summit in New York City.
Published on Sept 23, 2014
The Huffington Post
Hundreds Of Thousands Turn Out For People’s Climate March In New York City
By Nick Visser
Posted Sept 21, 2014
NEW YORK — More than 400,000 people turned out for the People’s Climate March in New York City on Sunday, just days before many of the world’s leaders are expected to debate environmental action at the United Nations climate summit.
Early reports from event organizers are hailing the turnout as the largest climate march in history, far bigger than the Forward on Climate rally held in Washington, D.C., last year. High-profile environmentalists including Bill McKibben, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jane Goodall and Vandana Shiva marched alongside policymakers such as Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.). U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and former Vice President Al Gore were also there, and more than 550 buses carried in people from around the country….
(Read entire article and view video highlights of the march at the link above.)
Video Highlights from 3-hour “Democracy Now!” Special Broadcast at Historic People’s Climate March (29 Minutes)
Published on Sep 22, 2014
(Watch full 3 Hour Broadcast from link above.)
Thousands March for Climate Change Before United Nations Summit
Hundreds of thousands of climate change demonstrators around the world took to the streets in a series of marches leading up to the United Nations Climate Summit, where more than 120 world leaders will convene Tuesday to galvanize political will for a new global climate treaty by the end of 2015.
People in over 160 countries participated in the events, which organizers with PeoplesClimate.org were calling “the largest climate mobilization in history.”…
(Read entire article and view additional highlights at the link above.)
Taking a Call for Climate Change to the Streets
By Lisa W. Foderaro Sept 21, 2014
Peoples Climate March_NYC_ Sept 21, 2014_01
Peoples Climate March_ NYC_Sept 21, 2014
Peoples Climate March_NYC_ Sept 21, 2014_02
Peoples Climate March_NYC_ Sept 21, 2014_03
SEIU 1199_Peoples Climate March_Sept 21, 2014
Photo below from http://www.go100percent.org/cms/ at People’s March – NYC
People's Climate March Go 100 percent renewable
Portland rally supports People’s Climate March in NYC
By Sara Roth, KGW.com Staff – Sept 21, 2014
Climate March in Portland: Hold polluters accountable
Gov. John Kitzhaber spoke at the rally in downtown Portland
By KOIN 6 News Staff
Published: September 21, 2014
Coos Bay citizens say “NO” to proposed Jordan Cove LNG Export Project – Demand 100% Renewable Energy Policy.
Photos below from Rally held in Coos Bay in April 2014
Rally Photo April 19, 2014 DSC_4915 E_R
Rally Photo April 19, 2014 044ER
Rally Photo 3 April 19, 2014
Rally Photo April 19, 2014 DSC_4856 E
Rally photo April 19, 2014 -040E 2
Rally Photo April 19, 2014 032E
Rally Photo April 19, 2014 024 E
Rally Photo April 19, 2014 023E
Rally Photo April 19, 2014 -057E
Rally photo April 19, 2014 055E
Rally Photo April 19, 2014 034E
Rally Photo Cropped 049E
Rally photo 1 - April 19, 2014 E
Rally Photo April 19, 2014 058E
Rally Photo April 19, 2014 30E
Parked outside a Town Hall for Representative Defazio in August 2014
Defazio visit Aug 13, 2014 013E
** NOTE:  The Citizens Against LNG website was significantly cyber attacked in May of 2014.  Website has yet to be fully restored.      

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