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FERC Says No to Jordan Cove LNG Export Project

In an unprecedented move March 11, 2016, on the 5 year anniversary of the Japan mega earthquake and tsunami, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued an ORDER DENYING THE JORDAN COVE/PACIFIC CONNECTOR LNG EXPORT PROJECT.

The highly controversial proposed LNG project and pipeline had been the subject of a decade long fight by an organized coalition of impacted citizens, landowners, conservationists, climate activists, water advocates and businesses.

In denying the project, FERC determined that project sponsors had failed to prove that the public benefits outweighed the adverse effects on landowners. Approximately 90% of landowners along the proposed 232-mile pipeline route had refused to sign agreements with the project sponsors and would have been threatened with eminent domain had FERC approved the project.

Citizens are overjoyed with the FERC Final “Denial” Order.

The FERC Order states:

    “Because the record does not support a finding that the public benefits of the Pacific Connector Pipeline outweigh the adverse effects on landowners, we deny Pacific Connector’s request for certificate authority to construct and operate its project, ….
    …Because the record does not support a finding that the Jordan Cove LNG Terminal can operate to liquefy and export LNG absent the Pacific Connector Pipeline, we find that authorizing its construction would be inconsistent with the public interest. Therefore, we also deny Jordan Cove’s request for authorization to site, construct and operate the Jordan Cove LNG Terminal.”

Link to the FERC Order here:

Citizens celebrate in Ashland, OR shortly after the FERC decision comes down

Citizens began celebrating in Ashland, OR, shortly after the FERC decision came down.

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The Oregonian:
Feds reject Jordan Cove LNG terminal
By Ted Sickinger
March 11, 2016

    …Opponents, meanwhile, were thrilled. They have fought the project since 2004, when it was proposed as an import facility to supplement what were supposedly dwindling domestic gas supplies.  Backers switched the project to an export facility after North American gas production soared with the advent of hydraulic fracturing.
    “This has been 12 years of my life,” said Jody McCaffree, a North Bend resident who formed the advocacy group Citizen’s Against LNG to take on the. “It gives you a bit of faith that sometimes the people can win with perseverance and hard work, even though you’re up against astronomical odds and deep pockets.”
    “I’m ecstatic,” said John Clarke, a landowner in Winston whose rural property was bisected by the pipeline route. “I don’t know what to do. Jump in the air?”…

(Read entire article at link above)


The World:
FERC issues decision to deny Jordan Cove permit
By Devan Patel
March 12, 2016

    …For opponents of the project like Citizens Against LNG, Friday’s decision marked an important victory against eminent domain.
    “CALNG is pleased that FERC recognized that private landowners should not lose their land for the benefit of a private company,” Citizens Against LNG President Katy Eymann said. “Landowners were threatened with loss and this decision ensures that for the time being, they won’t face that threat.”
    Friday’s news came as a relief for Deb Evans, one of the property owners in Klamath County that crossed over those lines.
    “The people who live and own lands and farms and forest land along the path of their planned Pacific Connector Pipeline are extremely relieved,” Evans said. “The idea we would let a private corporation take our land and threaten our families so they could sell U.S. natural gas into the Asian market is still unbelievable to me. We’re thankful FERC did the right thing in denying the project but it’s disappointing our lives have been on hold for years and that we had to wait for the LNG market to completely crash before it was obvious this project was senseless.”…
    …Ron Sadler, another of the project’s more vocal opponents, said FERC could not just ignore the impact.
    “Going back 12 years now, it’s been obvious FERC has been trying to evade the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act,” Sadler said. “When they published their EIS, in great deal it was evident their EIS was legally insufficient. In my opinion, now what has finally happened is they are aware of their shortcomings and decided to back off the project.”…

(Read entire article at link above)


The News Review Today
Pacific Connector pipeline foes jubilant after feds ax project
By Carisa Cegavske
March 13, 2016

    …Gow wants to keep his property in tact for his children and grandchildren.
    “This is our legacy and it wasn’t for sale at any cost,” he said.
    They’d always have the right to come onto his property to tend the pipeline. It would be like coming home to find someone in your living room, he said.
    Landowner Frank Adams first heard the news when The News-Review called him Friday, and he was surprised, but pleased, the feds rejected the pipeline.
    “We’ve said all along it’s not a value to Oregon and it’s not a value to the United States and they didn’t have the customers or the contracts to warrant it. For a couple of years now we’ve known this and it didn’t seem like they were listening,” Adams said…

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The Daily Astorian
Federal regulators reject LNG project near Coos Bay
Jordan Cove is one of two proposed LNG projects on the Oregon Coast. Oregon LNG has proposed a terminal in Warrenton
Published on March 11, 2016

    …“Everyone can breathe a huge sigh of relief,” Doug Heiken, the conservation and restoration coordinator for Oregon Wild, an environmental group, said in a statement. “Oregon landowners in the path of the pipeline won’t have their private property violated. Oregon rivers and streams won’t be trenched for the pipeline. Navigation in Coos Bay won’t be clogged by LNG mega-tankers and their large safety exclusion zones. Federal forests won’t be threatened with landslides, fires and habitat loss.
    “Oregon wins big today.” …
    ….“We are inspired by the people of southern Oregon who stood their ground for 10 years to prevail over LNG. For the Oregon LNG proposal on the Columbia River, FERC’s denial sends a clear message: you’re next,” Brett VandenHeuvel, the executive director of Columbia Riverkeeper, a Hood River-based environmental group, said in a statement….

(Read entire article at link above)


More Quotes from landowners, citizens and organizations


“Landowners have maintained for years that the use of eminent domain is inappropriate for this project. We are so pleased today that FERC agreed with our position,” Bob Barker, affected landowner.


“We have been living under this threat for a decade. A burden has been lifted from our backs today and it feels great,” Bill Gow, affected landowner.


“When I heard the news, I couldn’t believe it at first and then I just started crying as I looked out the window at my beautiful home and realized that we had prevailed . . . David beat Goliath and we were safe,” Stacey McLaughlin, affected landowner.


“This is a huge victory for all Oregonians who want progress on climate action, not more backward steps that benefit only corporate special interests.” Hannah Sohl, Rogue Climate.


“Today we celebrate the denial of an proposal that would have polluted our waterways, harmed our salmon, exacerbated our climate challenges and trampled on the rights of Oregonians. May this decision start a trajectory for our government to stop fossil fuel projects so that we can focus on developing renewable energy sources,” Lesley Adams, Waterkeeper Alliance.


“FERC acknowledged what so many have known all along – this project’s limited benefits do not outweigh the negative impacts to landowners and communities. Crag Law Center is thrilled that after so many years of fighting, the waterways and communities of southwest Oregon will be safe from the impacts of this massive energy project,” Courtney Johnson, Crag Law Center.


“We are relived to see FERC finally come to their senses and deny this outrageous project. This is a huge victory for salmon streams from the Rogue River to Coos Bay,” Forrest English, Rogue Riverkeeper.


“In rejecting this ill-conceived project FERC rightfully put the people and environmental health of Oregon before corporate interests,” said Jared Margolis, attorney for the Center for Biological Diversity. “It would have been a disaster for Oregon’s precious waterways and the species that rely on them, and it would have exacerbated climate change at a time when we desperately need to move away from these dangerous fossil fuels,” Jared Margolis, Center for Biological Diversity.


“Cascadia Wildlands is overjoyed with the FERC decision to deny the applications for the Jordan Cove Export  terminal and Pacific Connector pipeline. Our members, volunteers, staff and allies have shown incredible persistence in making the concerns of Oregonians heard throughout this ordeal. Though there is more to be done, Cascadia Wildlands will join those who worked tirelessly on to bring about this result in celebrating this huge victory,” Robin Meacher, Cascadia Wildlands.


“We deeply appreciate the decades of work from thousands of Oregonians and the Oregon families who refused to be steamrolled by these fossil fuel giants. Together, our steadfast opposition protected not just their homes, but also hundreds of Rivers and a more stable climate.” Joe Serres, Board President of Friends of Living Oregon Waters.


“The Sierra Club couldn’t be happier to learn of the FERC denial on Jordan Cove. We have been working for years to stop this and other LNG facilities. We hope this is the beginning of the end for Jordan Cove and for proposed LNG export terminals nationwide.” Rhett Lawrence, Oregon Sierra Club.


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Columbia Riverkeeper:

One Response to FERC Says No to Jordan Cove LNG Export Project

  1. Vandermeer

    March 14, 2016 at 10:01 am

    Now is the time to make certain that we elect local leaders who care about our environment, private property rights and what is in the best interests of our community. Yes, we need more industry and employment for the Southern Oregon coast but we don’t need the risk and the pollution that the proposed JC project would have brought us. Let’s hope we can keep this proposed project at bay and never have to revisit it again. Thank you God for answering prayer.