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Jordan Cove LNG withdraws South Dunes Power Plant Application

jordan-cove-house-of-cardsJordan Cove’s house of cards appears to FINALLY be coming down, as many of us knew it one day would.  On December 9th 2016 the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission upheld their March 11, 2016 Order denying the project a FERC Certificate.

On December 13, 2016, the Jordan Cove Energy Project, L.P. also formally requested that its application for a Site Certificate for their South Dunes Power Plant (SDPP) be withdrawn from further consideration by the Oregon Energy Facility Siting Council and the Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE).  Jordan Cove requested that the ODOE cease all activities associated with the SDPP Application “and take any other steps required to effectuate the withdrawal.”

In addition, Jordan Cove’s legal counsel filed a Motion to dismiss the contested case that is currently underway on the South Dunes Power Plant, stating that the case is now moot:

Pursuant to OAR 345-015-0054, Jordan Cove Energy Project L.P. (the “Applicant”) hereby moves to dismiss the Contested Case. Given the Applicant’s notice to the Department of Energy of its decision to withdraw its Application for Site Certificate, the Contested Case is now moot. 
DATED: December 13, 2016

 Second Time Around

This is the second time that Jordan Cove has withdrawn an application on their Power Plant.  The first time was in 2013 under Coos County Administrative Decision File No. SP-12-02.  Two appeals were filed in that case, one by John Clarke (AP-13-01), and one by the Citizens Against LNG (AP-13-02).  Jordan Cove withdrew their SP-12-02 application on November 14, 2013 after 2 public hearings had occurred; one on standing (June 13, 2013) and one on the merits (August 20, 2013).

During the course of the SP-12-02 proceeding, and unbeknownst to the appellants, Coos County completely eliminated an entire Section of code (Article 5.6) from their Coos County Zoning and Land Development Ordinance (CCZLDO).  Coos County File No. AM-12-04 was presented as just a few simple housekeeping text changes, when in reality those simple changes completely eliminated the Coos County Ordinance Section Article 5.6 Design and  Site Plan Review.  

The Article 5.6 Design and Site Plan Review Ordinance Section had formed the main basis for the appeals that had been filed on the Coos County File No. SP-12-02.  Citizens did not realize that changes were occurring to the Coos County Ordinance until it was too late to appeal those changes.  The code changes clearly benefited the foreign owned and controlled Jordan Cove LNG project, but also meant the Coos County Ordinance would be out of line with State codes.

Additional Code Violations

Proponents of Jordan Cove soon found out that their proposed Jordan Cove project did not line up with many codes and for the last 3+ years they have been actively attempting to change those codes in order to make their project appear to comply.  This should have been the other way around.  It is hard to believe that anyone in their right mind would try to site a hazardous LNG export project on 30+feet of contaminated fill; on an unstable sand spit; in a tsunami inundation and earthquake subduction zone; directly across from an active airport runway and a highly populated city; and 7+ miles up a very narrow/shallow shipping channel.  This project would have been nothing but a disaster waiting to happen.

For the last 12 years (since November 2004) citizens have been trying to get the truth out about the poorly conceived Jordan Cove/Pacific Connector LNG project.  Thousands of comments with supporting documentation have been submitted to regulatory agencies in many multiple permit processes that have occurred to date.  Most of the permitting delays have been the direct result of the Jordan Cove/Pacific Connector Project itself, as they have continually not supplied the correct and necessary data in order for their project to proceed.

As FERC so eloquently stated in their December 9th Order, “[L]itigation must come to an end at some point. Hence, the general rule is that the record once closed will not be reopened.”  We agree.  It is far past time to close the record book on the Jordan Cove LNG Export Project.





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1) Over 200 people came, many from the Karuk Tribe and the Yurok Tribe. True North Organizing, the Yurok Tribe, Klamath Riverkeeper, and the Klamath Justice Coalition did an amazing job bringing folks up, and leading the rally at the capitol and the march to the DSL building. The Karuk Tribe issued a statement on Nov. 14th in opposition to the pipeline and the Yurok Tribe is also officially (and has been) against the pipeline.

2) We had folks at the capitol from across Oregon! Roseburg, Coos Bay, Salem, Corvallis, Klamath Falls, Medford, Ashland, Chiloquin, Portland, Eugene, etc. were present!  What an awesome statewide effort.

3) Check out the pictures! Take a look at this video from the KOIN news and this super awesome dance to get a taste of how awesome the day was.


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NOTE: According to news sources, “Veresen spent US$100 million to advance the [Jordan Cove/Pacific Connector] project over the course of 2016.”

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TOKYO, Nov 23 (Reuters) – A new Japanese regulatory probe into sales restrictions for liquefied natural gas (LNG) contracts will be at the forefront of discussion as the industry’s biggest buyers and sellers gather in Tokyo this week.

Representatives from major LNG producers Qatar, Australia and Malaysia will meet with buyers from companies including Japan’s Jera Co, the world’s biggest buyer of the fuel, and Taiwan’s CPC Corp to find ways to address a market where demand is only about 76 percent of supply, Thomson Reuters Eikon data shows. The overhang is leading the industry to question everything from how the fuel is priced to how it is sold….

Japan’s buyers are now overcommitted to their contractual LNG cargoes as demand is dropping. They want more leeway to resell the spare cargoes but are prevented by the clauses….

. . . with prices down by nearly two-thirds from their 2014 high and more supply coming to market, gas consumers, who use the fuel for power generation and for cooking, have more power to force through changes.

“It’s a buyers market now. . . . ”
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NOTE from Wim: How much sense does it make to believe that JERA is actually interested in Jordan Cove’s LNG, except maybe as a bargaining tactic with their present suppliers?  The article does note that American LNG exporters do not have destination clauses.  It also notes that the oversupply will get worse.


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NOTE: 21 young people are suing the U.S. government for failing to protect our future from climate change, and for violating their constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property.

Trump could face the ‘biggest trial of the century’ — over climate change
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2 Responses to Jordan Cove LNG withdraws South Dunes Power Plant Application

  1. JC Williams

    December 14, 2016 at 3:10 pm

    Just a quick reminder to anyone who is inclined to believe they will re-apply, it is possible but not probable. We know better than to listen to what they say.

    The gas market has tanked, dropped through the floor, and crashed and burned. There is currently 24% more than can be used on the market. Buyers want out of long-term contracts and want to be able to re-sell their excess.

    The main thing to remember, is they NEVER HAD THE MONEY to build this monstrosity….it would cost 3 billion more than they are WORTH! Banks have stopped funding the frackers, so why would investment bankers want to fund them? The “glory days” of the gas rush have passed them by.

    Thank goodness for the landowners, tribes, activists, and friends who have fought this mightily. THANK GOODNESS FOR JODY!

  2. kate D'arc

    January 4, 2017 at 12:21 pm

    i sent request below to vereson;

    i would like a detailed mass accounting of the radioactive component of the fracked gas that will be used at Jordon cove. mass accounting; mass of total radioactive content of untreated gas at wellhead – include sources of data and all calculated or assumed variables., total radioactive load removed before entering pipeline, deposited radioactive component in pipeline, radioactive component condensed out at lng plant- detailed and documented, total radioactive component of all radioactive components released during processing at Jordan cove. detailed radioactive lead mitigation plan. my initial calculations show a 10 ton a year discharge of radon/lead release from reintroducing radon/propane stream into fuel for processing plant.