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Proposed PC Pipeline Route

View Pacific Connector Pipeline Location Maps:

NOTE: Current 2017 proposed pipeline route Alternatives and Variation Maps filed with the FERC on Sept 21, 2017 as a part of Pacific Connector’s Resource Report #10  (27MB) can be downloaded below:  (These were broken into smaller files for easier downloading)   Link to an interactive map of the 2017 Proposed Pacific Connector Pipeline Route further below 

Coos Bay Alternative Pipeline Routes (3 MB)

Blue Ridge Pipeline Route Variations (2 MB)

MPs 73.72 to 75.75 Route Variations  (1 MB)

MPs 84.94 to 86.96 Route Variations (1 MB)
(Oregon Women’s Land Trust)

Umpqua National Forest Route Alternatives  (1 MB)
(Wildcat Ridge/Long Prairie)

Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest Route Alternatives  (1 MB)

Pacific Crest Trail Route Variation (1MB)

Keno Road and Clover Creek Road Alternatives  (2MB)

Klamath Compressor Station Site Alternatives (1MB)

Click on the photo below to link to 2017 Pacific Connector Interactive Map of Proposed Pipeline Route: (Once interactive Map comes up, zoom in for best view.)


Older Pipeline Maps can be linked below.  These were extracted from the November 5, 2014 FERC Draft EIS and are different from the current route linked above.   
(May take a while to download)
Coos County
2.6 MB

Douglas County
3 MB

Jackson County
3 MB

Klamath County
3.9 MB


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